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There are over 60,000 mailing lists and telemarketing lists available on the market today. Here is a small sampling of what we offer:

Residential Mailing Lists - with names

Business Lists

Credit Score Mailing List

New Homeowners Lists

New Movers Mailing List

New Businesses

Auto Vehicle Owner Mailing List

Medical Mailing Lists / AMA Physicians

Bankruptcy Mailing Lists

Homeowners Lists

Ethnic and Surname Lists

Affluent Households & Millionaires

Residential Address List - no names

Absentee Owners of Real Estate List

Baby Boomers / Seniors Mailing List

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Over 16 Million US Businesses

Over 330 Million US Consumers

Over 60,000 Mailing Lists Total


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In today’s constantly changing and highly competitive marketplace, gaining the edge is paramount to continued business success. Targeted direct marketing remains vital if companies want to emerge as leaders in their industries and operate on a basis of continued growth and unlimited success. Absolute Lists Marketing Group provides the highest quality mailing lists on the market today.  Our list solutions and marketing resources  enable companies to surpass their competition and gain the market edge, ultimately increasing their bottom-line.  Our lists get results and that’s what it’s all about!

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It can get pretty confusing trying to run counts and place orders online when you don’t know anything about the list industry or even where you can find the best names to suit your very specific marketing needs.  We understand.  Which is why we’ll never make you do all the work!  Our data and Mailing List Specialists are available to answer any questions you may have concerning the strengths and weaknesses of all the various databases and recommend customized solutions to help your company achieve it’s marketing goals.  What’s more, we’re online with all the major compilers, allowing us to generate counts and process orders quickly and effectively.  From mailing list and telemarketing list acquisition, to the printing of your mail piece, to actually getting it to the door of your prospects- we’re here to assist you every step of the way.  Absolute Lists Marketing Group wants you to be a success in all of your marketing endeavors and we will do everything in our power to help you!

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Residential Mailing List  | Bankruptcy List | Auto Owners List | New Homeowners Mailing List | Ethnic List

Specialty Consumer Mailing Lists

Senior Citizens

Families with Children

•Hispanic Lists

•Affluent Households

•Pet Owners

•Net Worth Lists

•Baby Boomers

•Ethnic and Surname Lists


Specialty Business Lists

•Cottage Industry / Home-Based

•Business Executives

•Small Businesses

•Women Owned Businesses

•Minority Owned Businesses

Responsive Investors / Financial Lists

Newborns & Babies Lists

Automobile Owners Mailing Lists

Students Mailing List

SIC Code Lists

Medical Mailing Lists

AMA Mailing List / Doctors by Specialty

Nurses Mailing Lists by Specialty


Lists, Lists, & More Mailing Lists Available!

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Absolute Lists Marketing Group offers the highest quality, targeted mailing lists and telemarketing lists on the market today!  Whether you require consumer mailing lists or business mailing lists, we can help.  We also specialize in student lists, association lists, email lists and appends, bankruptcy mailing lists, auto owners by make/model/year, new homeowners mailing lists and medical mailing lists.

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New Movers Mailing List |Auto Owner Mailing List | Medical Mailing List | New Homeowners Mailing List

Ethnic Mailing List | Surname Mailing List | Business to Business Mailing Lists | New Movers Mailing List

Net Worth Mailing List | Consumer Mailing List | Bankruptcy Mailing List

| Absentee Homeowners Mailing List | Students Mailing List

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